About us

Just Caring Legal was founded by Rosalind Hughes, a qualified solicitor and a highly skilled practitioner who has been working in the legal profession since 1995.

What is Rosalind's background?

Rosalind became particularly interested in adult social care  due to her work with the Citizens Advice Bureau and later the care homes department of a large firm of solicitors in Newcastle.

At the Citizens Advice Bureau, Rosalind worked with vulnerable clients on welfare benefits, debt matters, family law, employment and housing. She found herself becoming more and more passionate about the issues she was advising on, and especially the injustices she encountered at that time around adult social care.

In her earlier career, Rosalind worked in a legal aid practice carrying out mixed personal injury work and working with victims of domestic violence. She then moved to a large Newcastle firm where she recovered substantial compensation for victims of road traffic accidents. The immense litigation experience she gained there formed a solid foundation for lodging successful NHS Continuing Healthcare appeals on behalf of her clients.

Why did Rosalind start Just Caring Legal?

Having met many families who were wrongly paying substantial care home bills for vulnerable family members suffering significant healthcare issues such as Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, Parkinson’s disease, cancer and Multiple Sclerosis, Rosalind felt driven to start her own specialist firm dedicated to challenging these cases. 

Rosalind has a great deal of empathy with families who have been wrongly denied access to NHS Continuing Healthcare funding and continually develops highly effective strategies for mounting successful challenges on their behalf. She also strives to provide other vital services to complement her work in order to give her clients a holistic service ensuring the best possible outcomes. Her overall aim is to provide a caring service for people who are facing some of the most difficult situations of their lives.