Just Caring Legal

Did you know you could be eligible for NHS funding to pay for care?

If you have care needs arising out of a "primary health need" then your care should be fully funded by the NHS. At Just Caring Legal we can help you access this vital financial lifeline and get the funding you or your family member is entitled to.

We are a boutique law firm specialising in NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) and care fee recovery

We offer fixed-fee and no-win-no-fee agreements

Our digital-first approach means we help clients across the whole country

What Can Just Caring Legal Do For You?

As a bespoke firm specialising in care and NHS CHC funding, we are passionate about ensuring our clients receive the funding for care they are entitled to. By choosing Just Caring Legal to act on your behalf, you will maximise your chances of successfully applying for NHS CHC funding, and of getting back care fees you have wrongly been asked to pay out. 

If we believe your family member has been wrongly assessed as ineligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding, we will guide you through the complicated appeals process, highlighting in detail the grounds for appeal  and ensuring you do not miss vital deadlines.

And if your family member has had their NHS CHC funding withdrawn even though their needs have not changed, we can challenge that too on your behalf.

What makes Just Caring Legal different?

As a boutique specialist law firm, we offer a personal, holistic service, successfully and efficiently catering for your needs with care and compassion.

With her many years of experience working with families struggling within the NHS CHC system, our specialist solicitor Rosalind Hughes knows how hard it is to navigate through this bureaucratic maze. She will cut through the jargon and spend time explaining everything to you in a way you can understand. And by minimising the stress and worry, she will give you what you really need - more precious time to spend with your family members. 

After spending time listening to your unique story, she will comb through the medical and care documents, carefully constructing written evidence-based arguments to make your case as robust as possible.